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Tooth Extractions in Tulsa

Promoting Healthy Smiles with Gentle Tooth Extractions

While at 81st Street Dental, our goal is always to protect your natural teeth as long as possible, sometimes extraction is the best choice for preserving your oral health. Kathryn E. Beller, DDS, is passionate about helping patients throughout Tulsa keep their smiles healthy and beautiful with restorative dental care.

If you need a tooth extracted or are dealing with severe tooth pain, contact our office and schedule a comprehensive exam today.

A Modern Approach for Successful Tooth Extractions

Helping you achieve your best dental health is our priority. We use state-of-the-art technology, such as digital imaging, to carefully evaluate your dental situation and determine whether extraction is necessary. When extractions are called for, we take the time to determine the best approach to maximize your comfort, alleviate anxiety, and reduce healing time.

When Extractions Are Your Best Option for a Healthy Smile

The two primary factors that determine the need for extraction are the state of the tooth and its impact on your oral health. The following are common reasons that warrant extraction:

  • Tooth Decay – When decay has weakened the root, or the infection has reached the inner pulp and the tooth cannot be saved by root canal therapy, extraction is necessary.
  • Impacted Tooth – A tooth that is stuck in the gums for one reason or another will be removed to stop the pain and potential alignment problems. 
  • Crowded Teeth – When using orthodontics to correct misalignment, a tooth may need to be extracted to allow the remaining teeth to settle properly.
  • Wisdom Teeth – Many people do not have room for the third molars (wisdom teeth) and will need to have them extracted to avoid crowding.
  • Fractured/Broken Teeth – A tooth that is too damaged to preserve is extracted for pain relief and your health and safety.
  • Dentures/Dental Implants – Teeth may be extracted to make room for conventional or implant-supported dentures.


We always provide every patient with professional and compassionate aftercare instructions. These steps are essential to avoid swelling, injury, or infection. Staying hydrated, applying ice packs and gauze, avoiding tobacco products, as well as limiting your food and drink consumption following surgery can help quicken your healing process.

Help Preserve Your Smile Today with Compassionate Dental Care

At 81st Street Dental, we know that every patients’ circumstances are unique. We always provide dental care with empathy, not judgment. Whatever your oral health needs, Dr. Beller and her team will put their skills and experience to work helping you achieve your best smile.

For complete dental care, contact our office and make an appointment today.


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