Loyalty Plan

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Loyalty Plan  

Here at 81st Street Dental of Tulsa, we understand that not everyone has access to traditional dental insurance benefits. In our office, we have developed a loyalty benefits program for individuals and families to help you accomplish and complete your dental needs.

Our Loyalty Plan is designed for those without traditional insurance and gives you an affordable, easy to understand plan. There are two plan options General Loyalty Benefits and Periodontal Loyalty Benefits.

    General Loyalty Plan                                   Periodontal Loyalty Plan

            1st Person:       $300                                                     1st Person:        $500

            2nd Person:     $250                                                      Additional    

            Additional                                                                       Members:        $450

            Members:       $225                                                                          

      General Loyalty Benefits                                                Periodontal Loyalty Benefits

         New Patient Comprehensive Exam*                              New Patient Comprehensive Exam*

         Periodic Exams (Twice a year)                                        Periodic Exams (Twice a year)

         Full Mouth/Panoramic x-rays (Once every 3 year)      Full Mouth/Panoramic x-rays (Once every 3 years)

         Bitewing x-rays (Once a year)                                         Bitewing x-rays (Once a year)

         Periapical x-rays (2 per year)                                           Periapical x-rays (2 per year)

         Adult cleanings (Twice a year)                                        Periodontal Maintenance (4 times a year)

         Child cleanings (Twice a year)                                         Fluoride (Once a year)

         Sealants (Under 14 years old)

         Fluoride (Once a year)

     Additional Savings:

                  20% discount off all eligible dental services (including Invisalign)

      *Comprehensive Exam includes head and neck evaluation, oral cancer screening and TMJ evaluation.

Terms and Conditions of Loyalty Plan Benefits:

All Family members must live at the same residence. College students may be an exception, up to the age of 22. Loyalty Plan Benefits if a discount plan, it is not an insurance. Can not be combined with any traditional insurance plan or another discount plan accepted in the office. Does not transfer outside this office. Non-transferable and Non -refundable if plan is not utilized. Payment due in full at time of registration with an annual renewal (every 12 months). Can not use Care Credit for initial fee.  Discount will be reduced to 10% for any non-covered service paid through Care Credit. Enrollment fees are subject to change annually. Products for sale not included in additional savings discount. Aesthetic services: Botox, Dysport or fillers not included in additional savings discount.



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